Here’s How to Find a Job that Supports Your Happiness

Any eye care organization that employees you, should do all it can to create happiness for you at work and help you to grow.

However, some employers will take that objective up a notch, and make employee wellness and professional development part of their culture. So, how can you find these organizations that prioritize your sustained success?

Here are three questions that you can ask current and potential new employers to test them on their retention strategies.

1. Can you please explain to me your regular meeting and training schedule, and your annual review process for employees?

Communication opportunities will be key for you to voice your ideas and concerns. If there is not a structure for regular communication in place, then your challenges could go unaddressed for long periods, leaving you unsatisfied at work.

2. How would you describe the work-life balance that is part of this organization’s culture?

If you find that work keeps you from hitting personal goals such as eating dinner with your family or getting regular exercise, then that job probably won’t sustain you. Speaking up about work-life balance will help your employer to realize that it is important. You could land a few more hours to yourself if that’s what would keep you from leaving.

3. Can I get reimbursement or financial assistance to attend certification programs, lectures, or to pay for association fees?

Experts find that stagnation in a role tends to drive turnover.[1] If you are not being challenged at work, your way more likely to look for new opportunities. However, asking for more responsibilities or continued education show’s your employer that you are serious about your work and advancing your skills and career.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to start conversations that will reinvigorate your experience at work. Keep checking Local Eye Site for new opportunities in ophthalmology, optometry, and optical careers.


[1] Chamberlain, Andrew. Why Do Employees Stay? A Clear Career Path and Good Pay, for Starters. Harvard Business Review. Mar. 2017.

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