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Find Your Next Job in Eye Care

Find Your Next Job in Eye Care

Eye care staffing, simplified.

If you are hiring but a sign in the window just won’t cut it anymore, you are in the right place! We offer the most comprehensive job posting technology available for eye care professionals. Hire here and ensure your ideal candidates find you before anyone else snags them!

How we simplify the process for you:


Our smart job-distribution technology targets eye care job seekers online and promotes your job listings across the web at no additional cost.


Engage top candidates even when they aren’t searching with emails that help you get to know your job seekers and they get to know you.

Applicant Tracking

Track your job applicants with our user-friendly and organized hiring dashboard that makes tracking easy and streamlined. 

The Power Network

You already know the power of networking so we think you’ll love our robust Power Network! We focus exclusively on the eye care industry, and have partnered with the best-known associations and publications for optometry, optical and ophthalmology professionals. When you advertise your job on Local Eye Site, it is automatically posted on or promoted through our Power Network. With partners like ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs and Optician’s Association of America (OAA), we practically hand-deliver your desired candidates right to you.

Quality Candidates

Whether your candidates are fresh out of OD school or have been building their eye care careers for a while now, we’ve got you. This process is only worth your while (and ours) if we can deliver quality candidates to you.

Join Our Success Stories

This is a club that is easy to join! With so many successful job matches, we hear from our customers. A LOT. And we love nothing more than for you to find exactly what you need so you can get back to business.
Using Local Eye Site to hire an Ophthalmic Technician worked out beautifully! We received a number of qualified applicants and were able to hire the perfect candidate for our practice. We will use them for any hiring needs that come up in the future.
Lee Klein, MD
Plantation Eye Associates | Plantation, FL
The Local Eye Site team has been a joy to work with! Not only have they accomodated our Doctor recruiting needs in regards to various versions of job ad types, email campaigns and job updates, but they have also worked quickly to position our job ads to receive an excellent response! We’re thrilled with Local Eye Site…we’ve already hired several rockstar Optometrists!
Ashliegh Dumont
Visionworks | San Antonio, TX
A week after Local Eye Site helped me set up my ad, I had several candidates to choose from. A week after that I’d hired a great optician for my practice. They made it easy to get the optician I needed. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Adam W. Brazus, MD, FACS
President, Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology
Brazus Ophthalmology | Indianapolis, IN

OD Students and Graduates

We are committed to supporting optometry students by helping them find the right professional opportunities after graduation. Since 2008, nearly 15,000 students have created job-seeker accounts on Local Eye Site and our technology has helped many of them connect with employers to begin their meaningful careers in the profession of eye care. If you’re a student, or a recent graduate looking for your first doctor of optometry job, please use the link below to browse the many currently available opportunities. We will deliver the most extensive OD job search in the eye care field!

Free Search for Job Seekers

We are a sight (and a site) for sore eyes for those of you who are exhausted by the endless job search in the eye care field! We cover all positions in your field including, but not limited to optometrists, opticians, ophthalmic technicians, contact lens fitters, optometric technicians and ophthalmologists. Some applicants are moving laterally and some are moving up, but they are all moving. You can expect to navigate our comprehensive job portal seamlessly and hear back from prospective employers promptly. You won’t find a better eye care job portal out there.

Ophthalmic Technician

Nearly 30,000 experienced technicians have registered as job-seekers on Local Eye Site, including thousands of COAs, COTs and COMTs.


Hundreds of organizations have successfully utilized Local Eye Site to hire Optometrists. Thousands of ODs have created job-seeking profiles on our website.


More than 10,000 Opticians, thousands of which are licensed utilize Local Eye Site for their job search.
In addition to these professional groups, Local Eye Site is the well-equipped to help your organization hire any type of position necessary to operate your practice, including administrators, optical salespeople, insurance coding experts and even Ophthalmologists!

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